Cees Gouw

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Cees Gouw is 61 years old. He is a Physical Education teacher at a secondary school in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. During my teaching years, he became inspired by the diversity of talents of young students. The past 10 years of his career he has been involved in setting up talent programs for students and teachers in sports and Economics & Social Business (E&SB) in the school. E&SB is an international-orientated program for young students with an interest in social entrepreneurship. E&SB focuses on the development of small business initiatives by Dutch microfinance organizations and the Foundation Stick2Uganda. 

For the conference, he wants to elaborate on the position of talented students in secondary education in the Netherlands. In school programs, there is little support for differentiation and individual programs for talented students. Digitalization can be helpful for management, teachers and students by developing individual talent programs and support and control of achievements of students.

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