Call For Papers.

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The International Conference on Digitalization and eLearning for Education 2019 invites academicians, teachers, professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders to send research abstracts, case studies, and papers formatted according to the given format. The conference will be held June 24–26, 2019 in Kampala, Uganda under the theme “New technologies change our lives”, “New technologies affect education”, and “Prepare for new technologies through education”.  

In a world where inequality and injustice are rife, the need to empower people through sharing of resources, knowledge and capacity is imperative for progress. Empowering people to effectively respond to the emerging challenges of globalization, marginalization, conflict, discrimination, poverty and inequality through accessibility of knowledge, innovation and progress is one of the greatest challenges today. Multimedia-based electronic learning has become a tool used to provide access to education for multiple segments of the population, which otherwise would have little to no access to it. While eLearning is integrated it into curricula early in the digital revolution, in many countries, it is just beginning to address the opportunities and challenges web-based learning may bring. How can research and knowledge contribute to an innovative way to sharing knowledge, innovation and progress accessible to all, not just to the privileged few?

The theme is interdisciplinary in nature and broad enough to cover a range of disciplinary areas such as sociology, international relations, economics, technology, political science, development studies and gender studies, to name a few.

The ordinary call for paper (presentation) closes May 10th 2019. However, you can try after that day. You may still be accepted.

Use the form to send your abstract or information about your presentation.

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You will get the feedback on your abstract on this e-mail address.
Deadline for sending the abstract is April 20th 2019. If you get your abstract accepted, you have to submit the final paper no later than May 30th 2019.
If your abstract is accepted and you have paid the registration fee for the International Conference on Digitalization and eLearning for Education 2019 (Uganda), you are encouraged to submit your full papers.
Indicate where you find your presentation will fit best. The administrator may make changes.