Exhibition at the International Conference at Kampala Sheraton Hotel, June 24-26, 2019

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The target group of the International Conference at Kampala Sheraton Hotel, Uganda, June 24-26, is the top administrators private and governmental. You can find more about the target group on the conference web (see more…). However, any that want to participate is welcome.

The maximum number of delegates is 350 (the venue has space for 380). Many (thousands) have already visited the conference main web (go to the conference web…). However, we will know the exact number the day the conference starts.

If you want to showcase your service and products, we can offer you space in the open exhibition area outside the conference Hall where you can use a smaller table and posters (self-standing posters). The cost of one exhibition stand space (maximum 6×6 feet) is 400 USD. Depending on what you want to present, we can offer the exhibitor some minutes (maximum 7 minutes) to tell the delegates about the service and products in the plenary.

The exhibitors can present their logo with a link to the exhibitors’ homepage on the conference web. The same logo will appear in the printed conference folder.

The exhibitor has to register and pay as an ordinary delegate.

Leave your email address here (make sure that you have written the email address correct). We will use that email address to answer your question. We will also use the email address to inform you about activities in Lucubrate.

Go to the conference web

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