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  • Uganda; Accounting and Entrepreneurship
    1. April 2019 - 5. April 2019
    9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Accounting and Entrepreneurship


The Financial Management module targets the discipline and concepts of what is financial management. Financial management is all-encompassing and embraces both the asset and liability sides of an organization. Although the financial manager, a senior position on par with the CFO and Treasurer, they are not engaged in the accounting functions nor that of auditing, for example, he/she is integrally involved in most aspects of deriving the net income.

The IASB’s Framework for the preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements describes the basic concepts by which financial statements are prepared. It provides a guide to the IASB in developing accounting standards and as a guide to resolving accounting issues. On the other hand, the Cash Flow module targets the discipline and concepts of what is cash flow management.

What drives any company’s success, in the long run, is its ability to handle and manage cash flow. Ordinarily, the management of cash falls under the cash flow/treasury manager, however, the role of the financial manager or the concept of financial management is very directly involved as is the CEO/CFO.

Many people aspire to become an entrepreneur, however very few succeed because of the inability to grasp all the nuances and subtleties and requirements to be successful. Being a successful entrepreneur is considerably more than having a good idea of whether it be to offer a service or to sell a product. Many who aspire to become an entrepreneur, mostly in the 20 to 30’s age group, may look back to the era with nostalgia and consider it possible to duplicate. Different industries/entities are all unique and each of its business segments have their own revenue and expense structures. However, from a budgeting and planning perspective, there is no difference between industries. Like any other five-year business planning model, the sources of revenue need to be determined and projected based either on economics or strategy.

The methodology presented that by definition incorporates the choices about what information and data to gather in order that he/she as a Financial/Cash Flow Manager or Accountant makes an economically sound decision. And, the choices about how to analyze the information and data derived.

Who Should Attend the Training Program for Accounting and Entrepreneurship?

This course both theoretical and extensively interactive is designed for middle and senior business and finance professionals and entrepreneurs who need to understand and embrace the disciplines of financial management, planning and budgeting, cash flow management and accounting standards, corporate governance and compliance including:

    • Finance Managers and Controllers
    • Treasurers and Treasury Analysts
    • Strategy Directors and Managers
    • Budget, Corporate, Business and Financial Analysts
    • Project Managers and Risk Analysts
    • Investment and Management Accountants
    • Heads of Business Units and Business Planners
    • Corporate Analysts, Public Relations Managers
    • Accountants, Auditors (external and internal), Bankers
    • Investment Management and Venture Capital Professionals
    • Entrepreneurial driven are mature enough to understand the commitment
    • Those who have previously failed and want to begin again
    • Individuals who can commit to 50 to 80 hours of work per week
    • Those with just a sales and marketing background but understand they need more
    • Those who understand that business must be grounded in solid disciplines and understanding
    • Individuals who understand that success cannot be relied upon by just going in a single direction and may need to combine success with both bricks and mortar business and full utilization of virtual technology

The Future of Finance

A brief video (03:57) from Peter Welch

Details for the Training Program for Accounting and Entrepreneurship

The table under gives an overview of the main elements for the one-week training program (Click on the table for more details):

What is Included in the Training Fee?

The Training Fee includes a one week (5 days) intensive training on the elements described in the detailed program for the training about Accounting and Entrepreneurship. The fee includes also following:

  • High-quality training
  • Peter Welch as the trainer
  • Modern training
  • The venue
  • Morning tea
  • Light Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Handouts
  • Certificate for the skills acquired for the participants
  • Digital following up after the training

Participants must organize their own transport and stay.

How to Organize the Registration and the Payment?

To attend this training you must register on this web page. Only people that have got a feedback that their registration is accepted, will get access to the venue. That acceptation will be issued after the payment has been registered by Lucubrate.

On the top of the web page, you click on the number you want to register. If you click on “show details +”, you will find the training fee that fits for you. When you have entered the quantity (it has to be between one and five), you click on the button “Register Now”.  Here you enter the information for each participant. All required information has to be filled in, to continue the registration. When that is done, you click on “Please Select Your Method of Payment”. This takes you to the Registration Checkout. Here you can select how you want to pay. You get four options:

  • Bank Draft (this option allow you to go to a bank and pay the training fee there. You have to send the bank slip to show you have paid)
  • Invoice (this option gives you an invoice that you can pay in a bank or pay online. If you use the bank, you have to send the bank slip to show you have paid)
  • PayPal (this option is for people with PayPal account. After the payment is done it will immediately be registered in the Lucubrate files, and you will receive a receipt for the payment)
  • Pay by Creditcard (this option is for people with Creditcard. After the payment is done, it will immediately be registered in the Lucubrate files, and you will receive a receipt for the payment)

When the payment is registered in the Lucubrate files, you will get an email telling that you have successfully registered the participants and you get access to the Training venue.

The Trainer Mr Peter M Welch, Georgia

Peter Edward Welch is a renowned finance and teaching/training expert with over 30 years of professional experience. All throughout his professional life, he has focused on topics including, but not limited to accounting, internal audit and risk assessment, internal control, treasury and auditing. He started his career as an accountant at the British Diplomatic Service / Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, and then held other private-sector senior accounting roles before, in 1979, moving to the USA, where he worked mostly in the above-mentioned fields of specialization. Since then, Mr. Welch has worked for various different private sector companies, including USAID and EU projects, in countries such as Kuala Lumpur, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Afghanistan/Singapore, Egypt, Georgia, Sudan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, South Africa, Japan, India, UAE, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

Peter Welch is President of Global CF0 and he is President for The Chartered Global Investment Analyst Institute.

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Venue Website:

Boulevard Suites, Plot 17/19 Kampala Road, Kampala, Central, Uganda


Kampala Boulevard has a mix of apartments, office space, retail units and a gym – City Gym, in a new ‘lifestyle hub’ where – work, leisure and living come together. A grand entrance leads into the heart of the bustling ground floor that is occupied with convenience shops and cafes.


The building where the workshop has the venue:

Boulevard Suites

Plot 19 Kampala Road, Kampala

NOTE: The conference programme and venue may be subject to change.


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